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Nikon D90 is a fine camera

Hi horse44! Nikon D90 is a fine camera with thousands if not millions of satisfied users. I had the D40, and bought the D90 one and a half years ago. This camera along with a few quality lenses has "learned" me all the possibilities of digital photography. You can take it step by step, starting in Automatic mode, and going on in Aperture priority or Manual. You can learn about the drive modes and so on. Most of the time it will just hit focus correctly and meter very well.

One important distinction in the Nikon camera line is, that the entry level cameras doesn't have a built in motor. That means they can't drive the focus of older D-type lenses, but can only autofocus with the new AF-S. The D90 does have a motor, so it can be used with older lenses. That brings a lot of older lenses, and not so old lenses, into consideration.

I like that most things things, like ISO and drive mode, can be controlled on a D90 using external buttons. That makes it fast and easy to use.

(Only if you use very old AI-S lenses the D90 cannot meter the light. If you want that function, you will have to buy the D7000 or the D200 or D300. I recently bought an old manual focus Nikkor 100mm 2.8 E lens, which is a AI-S lens.  It is optically very good, but I would have liked to be able to meter with it. But that is a minor consideration.)

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