Replacement for D300??

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Re: err, are you going to tell us what 'this one' is? [nt]

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Maybe nikon is wary of the big change and a D400 will never happen for that reason? Ebay is going to be totally stuffed with some very fancy DSLRs and lenses when the big change happens, which I'm sure it will.

If Nikon is smart, they will produce an APS-C mirrorless body that is compatible with all existing FX and DX lenses and I'm confident that they will do this at some point. DX sensors simply deliver better performance than the CX sensor in the Nikon 1 line. I, for one, think the DX lenses will have a long life, even when mirrorless becomes more prevalent.

I'm personally probably going to buy a mirrorless camera for lightweight backpacking and would likely buy a Nikon if they had a good APS-C sensor offering, but they are behind the times there. It will come though. I wouldn't be surprised if the D3200 is the last D3xxx camera with a mirror. It really doesn't offer any features that couldn't be done with mirrorless.

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I'm sure they'll make it compatible with current slr lenses, but if they're smart they'll bring out a set of quality lightweight alternatives. Most of the weight in my kitbag is lenses. I know laws of physics have a say in this, dependent on sensor size, but if I can't save weight on lenses the argument for switching to mirrorless is reduced.

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