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suntek101 wrote:

I have a K10 and I've been waiting for years for Pentax to come out with a DSLR with an articulated LCD screen. I'm ready to upgrade but has anyone heard any rumors about the next gen Pentax having the articulated screen? I do a lot of high angle, low angle work and it would be a big advantage when shooting video also.

Three non-DSLR cameras were released recently by Pentax (X-5, Q10 and MX-1), and two have an articulated screen (X-5 and MX-1). K5II was based on an old body, thus it didn't have that same feature.

It is hard to predict, but if Pentax in near future releases all new DSLR models not based on old models, it is quite possible at least one will have an articulated LCD screen, to further diversify their (currently limited) DSLR range.

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