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Re: As long as it doesn't fix...

You're expecting a lot if a Japanese company bothers to take this on board, they much rather just release a hardware update as firmware doesn't seem to fit in with the Monozukri religion there

Tom Ames wrote:

nixda wrote:

Bernie Ess wrote:

Or allow changing the focus point by simply operating the 4 direction buttons, without having to press the AF button first.

The direction buttons are already used for setting shutter speed. If you think about it for a second, you'd realize that your suggestion would necessitate a complete redesign of the interface.

Well, would it actually be that hard to implement it in a software upgrade.

As it is now, the focus point selection disappear, when you press or halfpress the the shutter release button.

They could implement a function that let the focus selection screen stay on until you hit the "AF" button again. Then you will be able change focus points in between each shot without hitting the "AF" button each time.
Yes, you will not be able to fine tune the shutter speed until you lock down the focus selection screen, but are still able to adjust shutter speed with the top dial.

So yes, it can be done with a firmware upgrade.

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