Sony Nex has come a long way...

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Re: Sony Nex has come a long way...

Yes the NEX has come a long way but the treatment of the Fuji`s discredits this report. The Fuji range of mirrorless cameras contains many of the features which I suggested to Sony when I first urged them to produce a mirrorless Half frame camera.

Sony made a mistake , repeated by Fuji , in not incorporating in-body image stabilisation in the NEX. I understand the given reasons , issues with energy consumption & sensor over-heating with Video etc but they could have had both IBIS & ILIS.

Now that Sony has closer ties with Olympus I have hopes that they will reintroduce IBIS based on the Olympus system.

Mirrorless cameras are the model for the future & will eventually replace mirror based SLTs & DSLRs. The main obstacle up to now has been relatively poor focussing but eventually this issue will be solved.

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