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Richard Franiec
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Re: What color is the sky in your world?

Kendall Helmstetter Gelner wrote:

Richard Franiec wrote:

What is wrong with the snow in the shadows? Looks like someone painted it in bluish paint.

Step outside in the early morning with fresh snow under a clear blue sky and see for yourself.

That is exactly what shadows look like on snow, especially as you gain altitude and the blue in the sky gains greater strength (this image is just after sunrise in Denver).

Would you expect a blue colored light-box to cast a non-blue tone on anything inside? If so, why?

You must live in one of those lowlands that doesn't really have a sky, only a gray...

You might also want to wander into the Nikon forum and chide them that the system they enjoy has this same flaw of reproducing color correctly:

No need to be sarcastic, Kendall,

I'm sure that you know that setting exposure and WB correctly or adjusting it in PP could eliminate this phenomenon. No matter what camera took the picture, Sigma or Nikon.

BTW, you must have different vision from mine if you see the blue snow in the shadows. Maybe your sun works differently closer to heavens? I'm sure that you can see the yellow snow more often than I can see it here but that's another story.




Nikon camera image

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