Why I am buying Fuji X and not Sony Nex?

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Re: Why I am buying Fuji X and not Sony Nex?

hellocrowley wrote:

Note the XE1 is at 6400 while both Sony samples are at 3200. The noise in the XE1 appears lower to me.

Yes the XE1 looks cleaner BUT the lines inside the hour marks are gone, while you can still see them with the NEX5n. Different noise reduction compromises.

Yes, there is a softness to the XE1 that is a bit troublesome vis-a-vis the NEX5n -- the "15" and the tick marks are much higher contrast on the NEX5n.  In the end, I had so many frustrations with noise in past cameras that I chose to go with the lowest noise solution I could find.  Hopefully, some amount of post processing with sharpening can compensate for the softness in the XE1.

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