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Re: SD-1 has better DR

Kendall Helmstetter Gelner wrote:

Tiger1 wrote:

Does Sandy shoot RAW with the Canon? If not, it wont be fair comparing RAW from Sigma and JPEG from Canon.

Yes, she shoots RAW. She after all trained on the Foveon system to understand the benefits of RAW shooting. Search the forum, she posted comparison images here a while ago.

For a more recent approach look at this very comparison. The 5D MKII image has no better DR than the DP-2M image, and had the Foveon image been shot at +0.7 ev it would have had even more.

If you have the time download some D800/E RAW files. You will be blown away by the DR. Absolutely unbelievable.

Where form? Because no D800 image I have downloaded has shown me greater DR than I can get from the SD-1. The first time I adjust the SPP slider to -2.0 and achieved perfect recovery of detail and color in a straw hat that was totally blown, I understood the SD-1 had some amazing DR capacity itself.

Without doing this you will not be able to make a fair comparison or be able to make statements on how good the DR of the Merrill sensor is without a gold standard - currently the D800/E RAW file!

I would love to look at a good RAW example if you can point me to one.

I was staying in Death Valley with a D800e shooter (who also shoots RAW) and I didn't notice any better DR in his images of the same subjects we were both shooting (admittedly I did not look at all his images, just a few).

My example of good DR in a Merrill image at the moment is this one:


And that was ISO 100, ISO 200 would have been even better.

What is wrong with the snow in the shadows? Looks like someone painted it in bluish paint.

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