DP2M vs 5DII comparison pic

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Re: Right problem, Wrong camera

Kendall Helmstetter Gelner wrote:

RonJG wrote:

Sigma image is extraordinarily sharp. The Canon image seems out of focus or a poor lens was used.

If a Sigma prime lens or camera had been used to produce that result, there are a number of people on this forum who would be howling that Sigma AF doesn't work or that they can't produce quality lenses.

Huh?  Where did that come from?

That's a 40MM Canon prime lens, on a 5D MK II... just what part of that system would you say was so unreliable that it couldn't manage to properly render a simple shot with a ton of strongly contrasting elements to draw focus from?

Where did I say anything was unreliable. Do please confine yourself to what is said instead of heading off on some wild trip of fantasy.

The Sigma image has a heap of green/purple discolouration evident. Most of the shadow detail shows it.

It's very hard to discern,

No it is not and if I could get the crops to upload, I'd provide you with outtakes to prove what I've stated.

in fact is most areas I don't see that

You have a penchant for not being able to see the obvious.

(remember, other people can also look at the original image and decide what they think here). You know what's not quite as hard to discern? The shadow discoloration/blotches in the Canon image:

I don't really care about the Canon images, nor did I make any comment about them apart from suggesting the Canon image seemed out of focus or that the lens could have been poor.

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