GH-3 Viewfinder "issue" - product of clueless

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GH-3 Viewfinder Improvement Month

Dphotog wrote:

My friend who went to CES for sure says the Viewfinder is different from the cameras they were showing to the ones like mine. His exact words were the gh3 he saw was tack sharp like his olympus/sony nex 6 compared to the nightmare that I had. So its a completely different viewfinder.

Makes sense. The Japanese companies never admit to any wrongdoing by them. Never. It's just not in their culture.

However, they do fix up the faulty things in their products very fast. Which is apparently what is happening with the Lumix GH3 now, by most reports and innuendos.

Although I definitely want to buy a GH3, I decided in light of everything that is presently going on in tge GH3 Universe to hold off with my purchase until the camera starts to be available in quantity -- or until the end of April, whichever comes later. That way, I would hope to get a "Lumix GH3 Improved Edition" copy from Panny.

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