Replacement for D300??

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Re: If I cared about portability...

Thank you Deed for the user perspective. I am in much the same boat that you were in only I have a much older D2x. I am retired and on a limited income these days and don't have the money to just throw at getting better ISO performance.

It appears that Nikon wants all of us that have invested in Pro level APS-C to walk away and move on to either the D600, D800 or D4. If it were just the body at 2600 - 3000 USD I could think about it, but when you add in yet another 3800-4000 for FX f2.8 glass it just goes over the top of my budget.

About 18 months ago I bought a X100 to help with my low light needs, and even though it is a non interchangeable lens camera, I find I am using for just about everything I do these days. It looks like Fujifilm is doing their level best to listen to their customers and to improve their products, unlike some other brands that seem to try to ignore their customers even when there are problems with their products.

Long story short, I will have enough money set aside by the end of June to either by an X-E1 18-55, 55-200 and the 14mm prime OR a D400 - whatever. I have been shooting Nikon cameras since the early 70's and would prefer to remain with Nikon, but I have to say they have put me off of late.

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