What is this insect?

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Re: Thank you everyone.

JulesJ wrote:

Ross, I think you have nailed it. The picture in your link is definitely it,iI a variant of it. It was difficult to remove frm the bush as they stuck hard to the twigs, but mine is definitely one if these. They come bak year after year, I tend not to spray but just squash them between my fingers. The bush is not that big, but even though I try to get every one , they always seem to return. How do they get there? I don't think they can fly. It's a weird world we live in isn't it? I will wait until they return and see if I can get a better shot when they are on the plant as I think I damaged that one about unsticking it. Thanks again all.

RossAndrew wrote:

Another great Aussie bug for you.

Cotton Scale we get them all the time in Australia.

If you want to go safety try 1 lt water, 2 table spoons some cooking oil, and a tea spoon of kerosine then shake like shiiit and spray onto the bugs.



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This is not a religious comment, merely a historical fact.

No Jules , You are thinking these are crabs , but they are not . you are right to assume they can't fly , but you hit it right on the head when you said you just sqush them between your your fingers .

In case you haven't noticed , this does not kill them even if you think it does . This is why you think they just keep coming back every year , but just get a powerful Macro lens and you will see that they never left to begin with .

The only way to fully get rid of them , ( I heard ) is to shave a strip between your left side and your right side , then put alcohol on the left side , and catch them before they can jump from one side to the other , then all you have to do is put them in gasoline and do the same thing to the other half , and put them in gasoline . When you have all of them in the gasoline , all you have to do , is pour it into your gas tank and drive as soon as you get dressed , be sure to drive out the intire tank until the car comes to a complete stop . then they are really gone .

I never had these things , so this is just what I heard .


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