paper alignment problem on Epson 3880 with 17 X 25 paper

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Re: paper alignment problem on Epson 3880 with 17 X 25 paper

sam_siciliano wrote:

Thanks everyone who responded to this. Very interesting! I had never noticed that little paper guide before. It is hard to find! I'll try flipping it out. The clothes pin on the left side sounds like a good idea too, and the providing a full length support of some kind.

I had to use the clothespin guide today on some Ilford Gold Silk.  It fed a little crooked in the rear tray, and I suspect it isn't cut quite square either as it leaned to the left a bit and wouldn't touch the black flipper in the upper slide-up.  The clothespin fixed that issue up though.

One odd thing with this printer, though, is when you put in the paper, then slide that left guide up against it, when the paper actually feeds in, it seems to open up some, so you have a space of about a quarter inch on either side of the paper. It's like it wants you to use that slidable guide on the left to start out, but then when it actually gets to work, it doesn't want the paper in there tight--it wants some space on either side.

I've noticed it does seem stubborn on feeding if the paper is at all tight vs. the Canon.  I leave maybe a millimeter or two of looseness in the left clamp.  I can snug the clothespin up using my fingernail to squeeze it so it is snug with the upper side flipper and the clothespin.  Doesn't seem to matter there as much as the lower slider being tight.


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