Original 12.8mp Canon 5d worth the Buy.

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Re: Original 12.8mp Canon 5d worth the Buy.

5D's "live View" is only through the optical view-finder (fine by me, that's what I use 99.9% of the time)

5D cannot record video (i've had 5D mk2s since they were new, maybe I recorded 1/2 hour of video. Nonissue to me)

5d's viewfinder is much bigger & brighter than the XXd's or  XXXd's is. You'll notice!!

5D & 30D have dual control dials (that's why I wouldn't want to use a Rebel(xxxD).)

Newer Rebels may have better Low-light performance

I'd rather use my old eos 10D than the newest rebell (when the light is right)

and I'd prefer the 30D to the 10D.

Just my opinion, I'm sharing it with you.

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