Most reccomended book on using flash ?

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Re: Most reccomended book on using flash ?

RRickards wrote:

I find the built in flash to have better resulting images than with my settings on the 600, yet I know the opposite is potentially better. I need a book to help, Any reccomendations?

Are you flash blasting the subject? If you're in TTL mode, try turning FEV (Flash exposure compensation) to between -0.7 and -1.0.

The Neil Van Niekerk tutorials are very good if you're going to go TTL. The David Hobby strobists tutorials are very good if you're going to go multi-flash manual. There's also some good content out there by Scott McNally on mulitple Nikon flashes in TTL if you can afford that (costs go up quick). But McNally also has a lot of fluff that doesn't help teach and does come off as a Nikon salesman at times. Finally the onelight tutorials and blog by Zack Arias.

Zack Arias, Scott Mcnally and David Hobby all have DVDs you can buy. I'd go with a DVD before I'd go with a book because they actually demonstrate what's happening.

key concepts to learn are

- balancing flash and ambient

- what is exposure compensation vs flash exposure compensation

- how subject distance, angle and size of the light source affect the quality of the photo

- manuallly setting your flash power (even if you're going to go auto most of the time, worth understanding and knowing)

- what modifiers and other tools you can use (umbrellas and softboxes) - what does and what doesn't work

Also for some of the basics take a look at the free lighting tutorials produced by Nikon for the SB-800 and SB-900 (SB-800 techniques and SB-900 techniques). Be warned that they try to sell you on using a bunch of expensive TTL flashes where you can do the job with manual once you know what you're doing.

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