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Re: From E420 to OMD-EM 5

boris Fincheltub wrote:

I had a E420 on 2008, Did not like it that much, who ever had one or even a E520 and now owns a EM5 can tell me if there is really a huge difference?? some people say its totally a different camera faster sharper more reliable

also I have already the 14-42 and 40-150 (2008 models) also the 25mm 2.8 should I get the newer ones or buy just the body?? This ones are too plastic

any comments please


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I have the E520, E-PL3, and since November last year the E-M5. I would agree, faster, sharper.

More reliable? Reliable in what sense? More keepers, yes. More shadows and highlights kept, yes. Better high ISO, yes. Better IBIS, probably (subjective). On the E-520 I always used single point focus and on the E-M5 I normally uses single-square - subjectively seems similar - haven't tried all the fancy focus options.

I prefer the EVF - starting to need reading glasses - super-control-panel in the EVF is just the ticket.

The E-520 always felt like a camera I bought until something better came along. Same with the E-PL3 - it was an attempt to spin out the investment in 4/3 until I could could tell whether to walk away or not. The E-M5 feels like the camera I was waiting for, one that I could stick with for a very long time.

The user interface is still an engineer's/photographer's idea of an interface rather than an Apple kind of thing.

When I got a new E-PL3 I got the m4/3 14-42 and 40-150. The main thing is that the m4/3 versions focus fast and will do continuous AF for movies. Now I have the E-M5 12-50 kit I seldom pick up the m4/3 14-42. The 12-50 suits me better - it's weatherproof, wider, it can do macro. I like the new m4/3 40-150, but never owned the 4/3 version. I kept my 4/3 9-18 - with the adaptor it works fine for landscapes. I still have my 4/3 70-300 pending something in m4/3 that meets my expectations/price. I don't find anything wrong with plastic - especially if it lowers the price to the point where I do not fear breaking things.

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