Replacement for D300??

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Re: If I cared about portability...

JimPearce wrote:

I think I'd go with the new D5200 and my Tamron 17-50 f2.8 - just over a kilogram. Now that might make for an interesting comparison.

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It's not JUST the weight, you know that ... I am not in anybody's camp so in a liberating kind of way, I can chose what suits me best without asking: What APPLE product can I buy today or what Nikon camera would I chose over the XYZ camera.

What I find is a real micro revelation for me (must not get this toy-talk out of perspective!!!) is the sensor! On my 27" (now, here is one for you: I would certainly be in the market for a 42" 5000+ x 4000+ px screen, IPS!!!) screen I have enjoyed working with certain files, the D70 were ok, the D200 files for skin colour, the D2Hs files for per pixel acuity, the D300 for push-a-bility in software - and now the X-E1 for sheer clarity, high ISO capability and the fun it is to use this little number with dials just like in the olden days ... aperture controlled by the aperture ring on the lens ... I don't know about you but I just love it!!!

Sensors I didn't particularely like were 7D (I know I was supposed to like it, but didn't ) 5D MKII and the D800 *gasp* ... found this primadonna of a camera was way over the top, difficult to handle "casually" (not necessarily a bad thing, I am just saying ...). Had a very nice offer to buy a hardly used D800 and already had the money there (approx US$ 2400.00 which is to be considered cheap here in New Zealand!!) but then declined the offer! Just don't like it! Simple as that!

One of those things that get me about the X-E1: Bought a second hand cable release (yes, the wired one from Granddad's days) no new ones available, only second hand ... love it!!! And this works on the Fuji .. will have an RRS BH-25 with L-plate and cable release ... can your D5200 do that?? Feel like a child about re-discovering those old ways of dealing with a camera ... not for everybody, but works for me!

But: Of course your are right, it would indeed make for an interesting comparison to compare a D5200 (which I wouldn't have bought in a thousand years!!!) . My guess is that the D5200 would have the edge in AF, the rest maybe better, maybe not ...

You didn't ask but the camera I would buy in a heartbeat, if it wasn't so damned heavy & expensive is the D4 .. 16Mpx and fast as ... with a 70-200/2.8 VRII ... and a 105/2.8 MICRO ...

In the meantime I will just have some fun ...



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