Spots on my Nikon 80-200 2.8D 2 ring

Started Jan 20, 2013 | Questions thread
GMack Senior Member • Posts: 2,928
Re: Spots on my Nikon 80-200 2.8D 2 ring

Dunno, but the little point in the very middle of the circle looks like it is responsible for the outer circle.  The outer circle looks like the lens is being de-bonded and pushed apart from whatever that whitish spec is.  Fungi, or maybe impact too?

I wonder more about the stringy white spots over the center of the lens too.  "Stringy" usually indicates fungus growth vs. circular spots leading to condensation of some sort.

Whatever it is, might be worth watching and see how it goes.  If it is early stages of fungi, it might be able to get cleaned (maybe).  If it etches into the coating or between the elements, might be new element or lens time.  I don't know how effective using one of those "UV-A/B Reptile Lamps" from the local pet stores may be in helping to kill fungi off.  Might take a long while to do it.

Fwiw, I noticed my annual equipment insurance now has a "Fungi damage not covered" clause.  It was in bold on the front page too.


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