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Re: Canadian leeches living on welfare...

Bill Randall wrote:


Wheatfield wrote:

In regards to them having a higher standard of living than we do, I would challenge that. Yes, their society may have a higher standard of living, but perhaps they don't have the leeches that we have.

Don't kid yourself. Our "leeches" exist, and in pretty large numbers. They don't get an especially good standard of living.

Let's be honest here. Being on welfare in Canada is absolutely no incentive at all to remain unemployed or to laze around.

Welfare rates (per person) are so low in this country...nobody can even THINK of actually livng on it.

The current BC welfare rate for a single person is only a meagre $531 per month...and we both know that it's not possible to even survive properly on that amount...let alone have any kind of life.

I wish people would stop suggesting otherwise (my comment it not aimed at you here)

To suggest that folks are just living off welfare, lazing around all day long, having a jolly old life, completely false. Welfare existance in this country is a complete hell-hole.

They only get enough to avoid "death" and nothing more.

No individuall...with any "normal" state of mind/etc.,..could tolerate livng under those kind of harsh conditions, stress, etc...for more than a few months.


Culture difference. Here in Georgia, individuals get together in a single dwelling and split the costs.

Bill I am in Ga also. Kev, Bill is right on this we have families who dont work for generations. Its an accepted lifestyle. They hustle money on the side etc. I have a friend with rental property whos tenant is  section 8 (government pays the rent) she has a couple of kids and was getting married she told my friend  "dont worry he doesnt work". Because if he did they would lose the section 8 status.

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