PC-E 24 mm for Nikon D5100?

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Re: PC-E 24 mm for Nikon D5100?

inasir1971 wrote:

I think that these are the tables that GMack is referring to: tables link

Yes.  That that is very table I carry for the 24mm PC-E at the bottom of that page link.  Good find!

Tutorial including the normal technique for focusing when using tilt with tripod: focusing tilt shift lenses

The PC-E lenses are quite expensive and some have expressed some disappointment with the PC-E 24 with D800 so it might well be worth waiting to see how the Samyang does.

I think the story goes that it is softer in the middle against the 14-24mm f/2/8 which is softer on the edge and sharper in the center.  Might be that the shift part of the PC-E needs a wider and flatter field so the sharpness was put more at the edges than the middle.  Dunno. Whatever it is, it is slight.

I use mine handheld more than on a tripod unless it is for some shift thing.  I shot an embroidery machine running at full speed with the thing handheld setting the initial table values above into it and firing the SB900 off the ceiling.  Seemed to catch most of the hoop sharp front-to-back (maybe 8 inches in depth and a foot away?) under magnification.

In use it takes much less shift or tilt than one imagines.  I started by going too much with that lens and now find 2 degrees is all I need - or less.  Not that hard to use once you figure the thing out for a day shooting with it.  If you ever used a 4x5 with all that stuff, it is much less on this thing and I suspect I over-reacted a lot initially with the controls and fought it.

Fun little lens to use too, and people really think you know what you are doing (ha!) and you must be a real pro too "Since it has so many knobs on it."  Guess one "Could charge more for looking like you know what you are doing."

One can always focus-stack too which may be a lot cheaper, but stuff like the above machine running would be hard to accomplish.

The Samyang may be interesting too whenever it appears.  It may be totally unseen to the AF system or exposure system, but who knows?


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