World's happiest and most prosperous countries.

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Re: World's happiest and most prosperous countries.

Chato wrote:

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Cheap Bourbon....

Now Bill thinks that paying a Living Wage would bankrupt all companies in America. Fortunately, all the countries on his list have mandated living wages - Ain't it strange that they have higher standards of livings then we do?


Wrong. I actually said I need to think about it. It sounds good, but how would it work?

Err, you know. You set a minimum standard of living, and then mandate a wage (locked to the cost of living) to implement that. No more Food Stamps, no more housing aid. Just people living off their own labor.

If a job is necesary for a companies survival, then it has to pay enough to live on.

Has merit.

In regards to them having a higher standard of living than we do, I would challenge that.

On what basis? Surely you're not going to challenge it on the facts.

We have many people in this country that think it is societies job to provide them with their needs - and they have no responsibility. I don't know about NY, but here in GA we have a lot of single moms.

Since there are less than 2,000 people on welfare in Georgia, I assume they are doing something to survive.

Did you include food stamps, nursery care, transportation, medical? Atlanta alone has more than 2,000 people receiving benefits. Every so often the news has an item about food stamps - which are so desperately needed by the poor - are being cashed in for the purchase of beer. Now if it was for Wild Turkey I might not have a problem with this.

Aren't apochyphal stories wonderful?

Yes, their society may have a higher standard of living, but perhaps they don't have the leeches that we have.

I kinda doubt the number of "leaches" in America. True, according to Romney, half of all Americans are leaches...

We have 47% not paying income tax. True, our economy is in the toilet.

Half of whom are retired. And would you suggest that someone making 15K a year should pay "Income Tax?" Isn't it enough that they pay payroll taxes?

No, your government owes too much money.

Yeah, sure, why not. It's called adding injury to insult. First we make beggars out of hard working people, and then we charge them for the priviledge.

That is part of the problem. We penalize hard working people and, to some extent, reward the leeches.

When all is said and done, bourbon may be the only answer. If things really get bad, cheap beer will do.

Good beer, is cheaper than your rotgut Wild Turkey.


If it wasn't for Wild Turkey I would post only half as much as I do. By the way, that bottle of Makers Mark you talked me into buying a few weeks ago is about gone. It is pretty good, but I prefer the elegance of Wild Turkey.

Good Lord Bill, even J.W. Dant is better than Wild Turkey.

I have never heard of J.W. Dant. Is that some NY home brew liquor?

It's a powerful bourbon. No where near the quality of Makers Mark, and, err, a "bit rougher" than Wild Turkey, but hey, at 100 proof, what do you expect?

The legendary J.W. Dant


Sir, Wild Turkey 101 is 101 proof!!!!!!!

It will make you gobble well into the night.

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