Metabones M4/3 to 1" speed booster?

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Re: Metabones M4/3 to 1" speed booster?

captura wrote:

Trollshavethebestcandy wrote:

Interesting times we live in when you can virtually get a much larger sensor via larger glass.

Will the speed booster revolutionize the 1" sensor using APSC or M4/3 glass?

Can you envision an EVIL 1" with awesome M4/3rds glass?

I just found this thread. Isn't the new Chinese Kodak m43 camera rumored to have a 1" sensor?

And if they steal the Metabones technology for this new camera?

1) a m4/3 camera with a 1" sensor?

2) Steal Metabones tech - as in patents, means it can't be sold anywhere.

3) m4/3 lenses won't work with it as there won't be space for the telereducer.

Sounds like a poorly thought out idea.

I suspect the Kodak m4/3 will be similar to the other m4/3 cameras.'s gear's gear list
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