The Second Amendment was Ratified to Preserve Slavery

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Re: The Second Amendment was Ratified to Preserve Slavery

mamallama wrote:

Leo G wrote:

No surprise there....from the champion of racial knowledge....

You DO remember who sold slaves to the whites, don't you? AFRICANS! Now that is greed. Aren't you ashamed to be of that lineage?

Do you remember who sold the black people to the whites?

Hint, the black people sold their own to us.

Nothing new here. It's well known that the Africans were complicit in the slave trade. The Europeans, mainly the Portuguese and the Dutch, built large slave trading stations on the African Gold Coast to trade with the Africans who captured other Africans to be slaves.

All of that history was told very in the first episode of the famous Alex Haley TV series Roots.

A TV miniseries from the 70's?!!  Tell any American Black that it was Black folk who sold black's to the white man and the likely reaction would be; "Whatchoo talkin' 'bout, Willis?"

It's no secret.

It's a secret to American Blacks.

Celebrate Black History Month this February - tell the WHOLE story about will NEVER happen.

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Rethink your last comment.

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