XS1 versus Tamron 18-270 PZD on DSLR

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Re: Expensive Fujinon lenses vs. cheap ones

Francis Carver wrote:

Midwest wrote:

Video images don't seem to ever have the kind of IQ that you want to get in a still photo. Perhaps super long zooms like that don't harm image quality enough on a video camera to cause an issue.

I bet it would take cr@p still photos, I don't care if it is expensive.

Okay, that's good to know. A $100,000 Fujinon 2/3-inch video zoom lens would be taking crappier still photos when mounted on a 2/3-inch sensor camera than what the Fujinon lens mounted on the $700 X-S1 body and its 2/3-inch sensor can be exepcted to deliver. Is that the just of your argument, Midwest?

Must be one of those rare instances when a cheaper product can actually deliver superior quality. Okay,l I'll buy that.

Individual frames of any video never seem to me to be of the level of sharpness one gets from a good lens on a still camera. I presume the sports networks are using this expensive level of video equipment and lenses, yet the sidelines are populated with pro photographers who are not competing with video stills grabbed from the TV production.

You're more than welcome to put a $100,000 lens on an X-S1 or whatever and let me know how it works. And I'll order a Ferrari V-12 engine to install on my riding lawnmower.

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