Another shooting, Albuquerque this time

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Re: Here's another killing, but NOT covered by the media

smallcams wrote:

Here's a good one for you:

Everyone has an agenda. For these mental health professionals it's to get guns out of the hands of everyone. So I only halfway agree with this analysis.

With all due respect. The Aurora shooter was recomended for commitment. Nothing happened. The Arizona shooter was recomended for commitment. Nothing happened.The Virginia Tech shooter was recomended for commitment, nothing happened.

In the story that I linked to, you didn't have to be a "professional" to know that this guy was a bomb ready to go off.

Now the provisions of New York State have nothing at all to do with commiting anyone. That would cost money. They have to do with preventing a legal gun sale. So, yes, I agree, it will have little effect. Who needs to buy a gun legally?


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