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Re: X20 Many Different Color Options In Camera...A Fuji Trademark Asset....And not one natural..

DS21 wrote:

jimr wrote:

Fuji has three "tonality of Film Simulation modes".




plus...Sepia and Ye FILTER/R FILTER/G FILTER

plus...PRO Neg.Std and PRO Neg.Hi

Eddaweaver wrote:

Fuji's approach to colour with the X-Trans sensors looks very different from how they're delt with the EXRs. Colours seem much less vibrant, almost desaturated (relatively), skin tones are muted and can look almost glazed or faded at times.

Fuji trademark asset of good white balance is missing with the X20, the samples so far are all over the place with color and tonality, and none of it looks natural. Most have red/brown tint, but I guess anything Fuji puts out with X in a name will be popular no matter what.

Totally disagree with your conclusions.....but time will tell...

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