the creammachine 135/f2.8 STF vs the Zeiss 135/f1.8

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Re: the creammachine 135/f2.8 STF vs the Zeiss 135/f1.8

Amateur Sony Shooter wrote:

TrojMacReady wrote:

Have you seen this comparison?

Good find!

Just for fun I cropped the images to show just two of lens wide open, and applied some mild background blur, I think Zeiss 135's bokeh is good enough.

For my money, I'll take the Zeiss. I like to see that circular look of the little ringlets in the specular highlights. That's definition of great bokeh, IMO, versus the less detail cream version of the STF. In these two samples here, ask yourself, which is more distracting to the subject in the foreground? I think the Ziess bokeh compliments the foreground subject better, versus fighting for attention.

And to that point, the difference is even more in favor of the Zeiss in the straight 2.8 comparison on the original link. Those circles have more character to me, and are prettier with specular highlights such as lights at night.

All that being said, I've seen some gorgeous samples with the STF.

But it is a personal taste thing.

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