Replacing A Roof Color To A Certain RGB

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Re: Replacing A Roof Color To A Certain RGB

Joey is right in that you will need to adjust the luminosity of the color in order to get the color RGB to match. Also, you are right in that you will need to desaturate the image before you add color. Select the roof and with the marching ants active, create a Hue/Sat adjustment layer. This will automatically add a mask for the roof. Slide the Saturation slider all the way to the left to desaturate the roof. You will notice that the RGB values in the info palette of the roof is now 147, 147, 147 which is brighter than 50% gray.

Hold down Alt and open a Solid Color adjustment layer. Name it and then and check the box that says "Use previous layer as a clipping mask". Or you can just open the Solid Color adjustment layer and place the pointer between the line separating the layers in the layers palette...when the pointer changes shape, click. This ties the Solid Color layer to the mask underneath. Open up the color palette of the Solid Color layer and enter the values for the roof. I used medium terracotta. Change the mode to Color.

Grab the Color Sampler Tool and create a sampling spot that is representative of the average color and luminosity of the roof. I used a sampling area of 11X11.

Expand the image so you can read the values.

Note that the RGB numbers of the roof are not the same as the values you entered in the color palette. This is because the colors are not consistent throughout the roof and the luminosity is generally too bright.

Open up a Curves layer and clip it to the underlying layer also. In RGB, click on the index finger in the curves palette and a use the dropper to place inside the Sample area #1. Drag down until the Red is 166. If the other colors are not correct, adjust them individually in the drop-down menu in the same manner as the RGB. I had to increase blue and green slightly.

You can't trust colors of the screen shot so don't waste your time checking the info of the posted image.

BTW, you can achieve the same results without the Solid Color layer and using Curves only.


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