Camera you had the most fun with of all time?

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Re: Minolta SRT 101

The SRT 101 for me too. Gives my age away, but on that camera (which I still have and still works perfectly, never had to repair it) I learned photography. I had shot snaps with brownies etc, but never did anything but aim. I did shoot for a few months in the army with a full 4X5 speed graphic system painted in NATO green and it was great, but it was like learning the M-14 rifle. Lots of parts, lots of fumbling around.

The SRT 101 made me my first dollar in photography...I sold some pics to UPI and Reuters in Seoul, Korea after the Pueblo Incident in 1968. The world press was in Panmunjom and their Nikon F's and lenses were freezing up in the Korean Winter. My SRT 101, and MC 50mm 1.4 lens worked without any problem. When the wire service pros saw what I had, (they used the same darkroom at the Armed Forces Radio and TV center) they bought  my work. They sent checks to my father in the U.S. I had to use an assumed name because even though it was my camera, I was shooting for Uncle Sam.

Took my first pictures of my children with that camera too.

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