Calibrating lens to camera .. have you done it and does it really work ?

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Re: Calibrating lens to camera .. have you done it and does it really work ?

I'd change some of it to "Calibrate at the distance you intend to shoot at." and "Calibrate for the zoom range you intend to work at."

Example: If you are into shooting macros, 25-50x the focal length isn't any good.  Do your tuning setup if it is inches away and calibrate your 105mm lens there.  Calibrating it at 25x (about 8-9 feet) is sort of pointless for shooting butterflies within inches of the lens.

Same for if you are in a studio and everything is 6 feet away and you are setting the 70-200mm zoom at 150mm.  Calibrate for 6 feet at 150mm if you are into any demands of focus accuracy at all.

I don't know why some service manuals get into the 25x, 30x, 50, 70x, stuff as if it were some law never to be broken, and among the same manufacturer with two similar focal length lenses  and then totally different from another manufacturer.  Seems almost like a gospel now, or likely some law of averages.  I had one zoom where if I calibrated it for 5 feet, and it would not achieve infinity focus at all unless I changed the tuning to allow it to spin off for there there.  Acted like it couldn't turn any further, and it would only hit infinity if I cleared the tuning number set for 5 feet.

Have I done it?  Yes.

Does it really work?  Yes.

Do most people do it?  Probably not, since the sales rep said "Not to." to be queried with"Well, why did they included it on the upper-level bodies then?"

Nothing better than seeing the eye you focused on with the focus spot has sharp eyelashes achieved by a good "calibrated" focus tuning, verses the eye you focused on has no eyelashes at all and the background behind them is sharp.


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