Dumb people & Guns, what a bad mix?

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Re: How about car accidents? A failed argument.

Wheatfield wrote:

lanef wrote:

The car and gun analogy is the most laughable one, but you know gun people will try all ridiculous analogies to justify mass shooting. What they don't understand, how many hours per week you use your car compared to your gun. If you were using your car the same number of hours you use your gun, what would be the total number of deaths or injuries by car? That was one among those dumb analogies that can only come from gun lovers.

If they want to use statics they must factor in the number of hours of usage and compare that, then there will be a different picture.

Good point. I bet if everyone who drove walked around pointing guns at other people for the same amount of time they spend behind the wheel, gun death numbers would go through the roof.

There is a large percentage of Americans who are always legally armed. Are you saying that carrying a gun is not "using" a gun? 


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