What is the human eye equivalence of 35mm format?

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I agree with your statement, but it isn't the point. An approx 45mm lens on a 35mm camera keeps objects in the shot in about the same perspective as the human eye. ie, the size of the elements of the objects in the image, relative to each other, are about what you see with the human eye.

only to some extent (and of course sharpness ​is the second part of the equation - at least as important as perspective) - after all the geometrical perspective is defined as the spatial relationship of dimensional and angular interaction of all objects in a given scene. And these relationships depend just on object's relative sizes and their distances to the observer(that is lens or eye). From a given vantage point these relationships will be the same - independently of the FLs used. If we crop image (taken from the same vantage point) by 10mm lens to the FOV given from that point by 20mm lens, their geometrical perspective will be the same !!


Interesting discussion. But I can't agree. We are talking about peripheral sharpness here. That varies when viewed by the eye but is fixed on an image. The eye can change focal point as it moves across a scene. A photographic image can't.  The perception of the latter of course depends on the size of the print and the viewing distance. ie, when comparing perceived areas of sharpness of a photographic image with what the eye would perceive looking at the same scene, other factors come into play that are independent of the focal length of the lens.

Re perspective, isn't that what we are discussing here? ie the fov of uncropped shots at a particular focal length and the perception of relative size and distance in the image compared to what the eye sees.

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