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Re: D5200 Best in Class

mosswings wrote:

Jared Huntr wrote:

RobCMad wrote:

I can't even tell what it focused on.

No you can't can you, well, I'll give you a clue - it is not the building.

So even you can't tell with certainty....

I hope the 5200 hasn't inherited the D7000 AF wonky-ness now that it has the same AF module.

Jared, this is veering dangerously into confirmation bias territory. Marike6's explanation of the differences is quite reasonable. The comparison would have been far more meaningful if it were the D5200 against an NEX-7, for example. Point and shoots don't necessarily have any more accurate AF - it's often worse than a DSLR's. But their DOF hides it.

Point and shoots DO necessarily have more accurate AF because they use contrast detect unlike the iffy phase defect of dSLR's which are subject to calibration errors.

To be frank, if my D5000 shot that sample image, it would be in the reject bin. It simply doesn't have that critical pixel level sharpness at 100% that I'm used to seeing in a properly functioning dSLR. I'm not saying the D5200 isn't capable...but WHY point at that sample as an example of quality?!

This is the type of AF quality worth posting:


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