Dumb people & Guns, what a bad mix?

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Re: How about car accidents? A failed argument.

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A gun dealer who does not do the basic check of pulling back the slide to ensure the weapon is really totally unloaded before pulling the trigger, should loose his license to sell weapons.

One should ​always act​ as if the gun is loaded, even if you just looked at the chamber with a magnifying glass. One should always act as if the safety is off, even if you just put it on. Never point a gun at anyone, unless you intend to shoot them. Gun safety rules were created with the assumption that a "million to one accident" is one accident to many.

Gun accidents ​never​ happen to people who follow the rules.


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"Everyone who has ever lived, has lived in Modern Times"

You would trust Princess to follow the rules?

Or any of the whackos here?


Do they really care about accidents? It's not only a joke but also the hypocrisy.
I hope Princess male didn't get himself shot.

I take it that you don't give a sht about them?


You keep bring up a failed argument. You can stop using any kind of transport, can't you? A lot of people died of choking every year (more than a thousand across America). You can stop eating to avoid that, can't you?

This is the bottom of the barrel in logic

The kind of gun death you are having does not happen to other developed countries. That's extra and unnecessary death.

By no means does the US have a monopoly in gun accidents. Apparently you are unaware that some other countries have almost as many guns as we do.


Please tell me, which developed country during times of peace has the same level of firearms related homicides and accidents as the US?

You attempting to change the subject? For your information my chances of being accidently killed by a motor vehicle are a hundred (two Hundred?) times the chance of me being accidently killed by a fireare.

The Russian Federation has over twice the homicide rate of the United States, and yet most firearms are banned. In fact, most of their homicides aren't even done with guns.

Oh, sorry, if you don't get murdered with a gun it doesn't count.

In Ukraine or Belarus the homicide rate is higher than the US. Same for Latvia and Estonia.

Luxembourg and Finland, have homicide rates about half of ours.

But the homicide rate for the US is half of what it was ten years ago, whereas the homicide rate in ​your country​ remains virtually the same.


You are the one to changing the subject to talk about homicide in general. You are lowering the US status to compare with some non-OECD, former Soviet Union countries. How humble of you!

We had a total of only 260 victims of all kinds of homicides in 2010, 1.2 per 100,000. It is going to take you another 20 years to match that, if you are lucky.

The car and gun analogy is the most laughable one, but you know gun people will try all ridiculous analogies to justify mass shooting. What they don't understand, how many hours per week you use your car compared to your gun. If you were using your car the same number of hours you use your gun, what would be the total number of deaths or injuries by car? That was one among those dumb analogies that can only come from gun lovers.

If they want to use statics they must factor in the number of hours of usage and compare that, then there will be a different picture.

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