Considering Sony NEX 6 for Street Photography

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Considering Sony NEX 6 for Street Photography

Several days ago I posted this in the "Open Forum":

I'm a passionate photographer living in NYC.  I shoot with an Olympus E-30 using 4 lenses: 14-54, 9-18, 50-200, and 50MM.  My camera is almost 3 years old.  Olympus has basically abandoned 4/3's customers in favor of micro four thirds, even though there are vague pronouncements about a new micro four thirds camera coming at the end of the year that will properly focus four thirds lenses without camera lag.  Since I don't think I would get much for my equipment on a trade in, I'll probably hold onto my gear.

So with the sensor advancements made over the last several years, I've been thinking about buying a second system.  The shortcomings of my present system are:

1.) Olympus four thirds DSLR's were never good in low light situations.

2.) I would probably prefer a noiseless shutter as the clicking noise attracts undue attention on the street.

3.) A smaller footprint also attracts less attention and is less intimidating for street photography.

4.) Olympus DSLR's were never good at creative selective focus.

Any thoughts or real life experience with camera gear for street photography is much appreciated.

Today, I visited B&H Photo and among the cameras I played with and liked alot was the Sony NEX6.  It's compact, quick, doesn't make a lot of shutter noise, felt good in my hands, and I loved the tilt rear screen which will enable me to shoot from the waist in certain situations.

I've never owned a Sony camera before.  Among the limitations of the NEX series of cameras that I seem to recall reading was that because it was a fairly new line that there weren't a lot of lenses available.

So I'd appreciate any feedback that I should be aware of, positive or negative, before I pull the trigger.  Thanks so much for your help!

Olympus E-30 Sony Alpha NEX-6
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