World's happiest and most prosperous countries.

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Re: World's happiest and most prosperous countries.

Bill Randall wrote:

Chato wrote:

Now Bill thinks that paying a Living Wage would bankrupt all companies in America. Fortunately, all the countries on his list have mandated living wages - Ain't it strange that they have higher standards of livings then we do?


Wrong. I actually said I need to think about it. It sounds good, but how would it work?

It works by paying people more, and giving them more spending power. The counter argument to this is that paying people more causes inflation. Except this goes against the whole capitalist theory if competition keeping things in check.

The right likes to label countries as mine as "socialist" like as if we don't have any private enterprise. They are wrong. We have a mix of private and government run businesses which seems to work very well. I think overall, the government stuff costs less than other places that do the same thing privately.

In regards to them having a higher standard of living than we do, I would challenge that. Yes, their society may have a higher standard of living, but perhaps they don't have the leeches that we have.

Don't kid yourself. Our "leeches" exist, and in pretty large numbers. They don't get an especially good standard of living.

When all is said and done, bourbon may be the only answer. If things really get bad, cheap beer will do.

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