D3200 as a backup to D600... or could it also be an option for 1.5x more reach outdoors??

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Re: D3200 as a backup to D600... or could it also be an option for 1.5x more reach outdoors??

ohcello wrote:

So I want to get a low cost backup for my D600. I have a mix of screw and AFS lenses,... but I figured I can do one of two things:

1) Get a cheap older cam with a lens motor like the D80 or maybe the D90, and work with all my lense


2) Spend a little more and get the D3200 for better resolution, but I'd have to get another AFS walkround lens (probably the 18-70mm which I like).

the big question I have is this. Can the D3200 outperform the D600 in good light for long distance subjects? In other words, if I have a subject 50-100 feet away, would it be a huge improvement to use the D3200 with my 70-300mm for 450mm effective focal length vs. using my D600 for that same subject.

I realized the reach is better, but I would assume that the D600 quality could be a little better even though they are the same MP sensors....

Any thoughts? Thanks.

If by walk around camera you mean leaving your house to walk around and take pics, why consider anything other than the D600? For many, the D600 is their walk around camera. Heck as a walk around alternative to the D600 consider the Fuji X100s. Or if you're concerned about reach, put that 3200 money towards a 300 f/4. I started digital with a D80 and the only way I would use it again is if it was IR converted. If you travel now and again, rent another D600 for back up/second lens. I have 2 bodies out of need, if not the D600 would be plenty. 24 mp FX, 10 mp DX. Throw a 18-70 on in DX mode and you have your built in D80.

D80? D90? Man, you're talkin' crazy. The D600 is so capable, it crazy talk bringing up 10 generations old DX cameras. The D3200 will only frustrate you in the things it can't do compared to the D600. It will just sit on your shelf and hate you.

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