PC-E 24 mm for Nikon D5100?

Started Jan 20, 2013 | Discussions thread
GMack Senior Member • Posts: 2,928
Re: PC-E 24 mm for Nikon D5100?

It probably will work on the 5100/5200 to some degree.  The issue with that lens is that it might strike the internal flash overhang on those bodies with built-in flash vs. the D3/D4 that do not have the internal flash nor overhang.  Problem becomes apparent when you try and shift out too far while int he vertical orientation on some smaller bodies, as well as rotating and the control knobs hitting the overhang while doing so.

On my D7000 it will hit on rotating and on the full shift upwards.  On the D800E it won't hit on a full shift, but it will strike on rotating if I turn it the wrong way and the large knob is upwards.

Metering and using the AF green focus dot works okay on both unless it shift or tilt it too far and then the viewfinder info screen goes dark.  Luckily, one only needs maybe 2 degrees of tilt for items up to about feet out to infinity.  Side-to-side shift isn't an issue with either body.

Fwiw, I've used mine handheld on some things as I carry a card with the "degree and distance" info on it and set it up prior to shooting.


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