Sigma 19mm and 30mm, both lenses for $200 total

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Re: Sigma 19mm and 30mm, both lenses for $200 total

Daniel Lauring wrote:

jimoyer wrote:

Other than the obvious that they are slightly faster, how much realistic increase in image quality (if any) would you gain with these two primes over either an Oly 14-42 IIR or a Panny 14-45? I'm just wondering if I realistically gain anything by buying two primes, even at this price, that I don't already have covered at least in focal length.

I thought I replied to this thread, but it must have been another one. I just returned both these lenses. I may have gotten unlucky, but both were really soft at F2.8...especially compared to the admittedly more expensive alternatives from Panasonic and Olympus. I had to stop them down to F3.5-4.5 to get acceptable performance. At that point they weren't much of an improvement over the kit lens...and a lot less convenient.

Thank you (and others) for the reply.  Ultimately, I ended up taking the money for this deal, and using it toward a 25mm 1.4.  The decision to invest in m4/3 is made, I may as well invest in the glass I want, not  glass that's good enough to get by with.  Thank you for the input and replies.

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