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RossAndrew wrote:

shutterblaster wrote:

How would these two even each other out? they are both taking advantage of the same people. The payers

True. We have a tax department that are like terriers and prosecution's are relentless with full payment with interest in full, from the largest company to the average brick layer/carpenter. This is also carried out at the other end of the spectrum by social security.


PS" Yes we probably loose some $ but a small price to pay for our social harmony.

For every penny, we "give" the poor, we give a Hundred bucks to the rich. So for example, most people think of TARP as a 700 Billion giveaway to the rich. But actually Tarp cost us Trillions - Because we bought all the junk Bonds at face value, and since they have a paper value, that money was not counted as part of Tarp.

Of course, who knows? Maybe the Fed and the Treasurey are planning on going into the wall paper business?

So it's going to be veeeeery difficult to "even it out."


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