Why I am buying Fuji X and not Sony Nex?

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Re: Why I am buying Fuji X and not Sony Nex?

Zardoz wrote:

That comparison is pretty deceptive. The Sony image has less magnification (despite equal size and resolution sensors), so it's going to suffer detail loss because of that. Secondly, look at the EXIF. Both are ISO6400 at f/8.0 but the Fuji image is 1/1000s whereas the Sony image is 1/1600s. That's a 0.7 EV difference. The implication is that Fuji's ISO rating is around a full stop less sensitive than it claims.

The best comments are often the most skeptical ones.  I don't know how to view the EXIF info for those dpreview test images, so I thought I'd just present the Sonys at 3200 vs and the XE1 at 6400.  For my purposes, detail is important, but noise in the lower-light blue colors is very important.  You may find other parts of the image which make you like the Sony more, who knows.  I still find the XE1 at 6400 to be nicer than either of the NEXs at 3200.

Is there another comparison I should be doing to avoid the deception?

Note the XE1 is at 6400 while both Sony samples are at 3200.  The noise in the XE1 appears lower to me.

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