GH-3 Viewfinder "issue" - product of clueless

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Sean Nelson
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Re: GH-3 Viewfinder "issue" - product of clueless

IrishhAndy wrote:

You can't get double vidion with onr eye

I'm going to assume that you meant to type:  "You can't get double vision with one eye".

If so, you obviously don't have astigmatism, which occurs when the lens of your eye(s), instead of having a purely spherical curvature, has some degree of cylindrical curvature as well.  This can result in double vision.  It isn't normally as obvious as when the image from both of your eyes isn't aligned because the offset of the two astigmatic images is usually much smaller.   But it can be very obvious when viewing sources of light against a dark background, especially small or point sources of light.

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