Another shooting, Albuquerque this time

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Re: The biggest MYTH regarding GUN violence.


Chato wrote:


Chato wrote;

And not a random shooting. Kid could have used a baseball bat, but that wouldn't make the news.

However, this is one of the biggest MYTHS out there regarding gun violence.

Ie: that the perpetrator would have used "other means" IF guns were not available.

There is NO data or evidence to suggest that IF guns were not easily available...that these shooting spree killers would have indeed used other methods to kill.

Other than the fact that 40 percent of US homicides are not done with fireams, you are absolutely right.

That's a red-herring line of spin and you damn well know it.

That's a ​fact​ and you damn well know that. Sticking your head in the sand doesn't change ​facts.

There's no direct correlation (linkage) between that stat...and the actual shooter-spree killers at all.

If we deleted mass murders from our statistics, there would be no change in our statisitics.

You could never build a case on this line of thinking.

You don't have a line of thinking, simply mindless repititions of your paranoia.


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