New Model Alisha for C&C

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Re: New Model Alisha for C&C

Henry Stamm wrote:

My take: Overall, I like the location for the shoot. Works well. For #1, I have two issues. At image left (her right), there is a bright patch on the dirt that pulls my eye away from her. Behind her & to the image right is a vertical something that has a bright spot. This is also distracting. That said, I like the shot, but I would like to see you play with cropping to emphasize her more & the surroundings a bit less. The next two are very nice. The long wall shot is also one that I think might benefit from tighter cropping. The angled shot is very nice except that I personally detest crazy angles. Which means I think it has great color, good pose by the model, interesting surroundings, but you used what is to me, an irritating angle to capture it all.

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Henry, thanks for taking the time to comment.  Good advice on the bright spots, I was of the same opinion.  Some of the shots the bright spots were actually toned down bait...a still too bright.  A lot of hotspots at this location.  I'm going to go back and look at more cropping.

I also agree about the strong angles.  Normally don't do that either, just thought it worked in that particular shot.

Any other thoughts on the PP?

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