Dumb people & Guns, what a bad mix?

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LeRentier wrote:=

A gun dealer who does not do the basic check of pulling back the slide to ensure the weapon is really totally unloaded before pulling the trigger, should loose his license to sell weapons.

One should ​always act​ as if the gun is loaded, even if you just looked at the chamber with a magnifying glass. One should always act as if the safety is off, even if you just put it on. Never point a gun at anyone, unless you intend to shoot them. Gun safety rules were created with the assumption that a "million to one accident" is one accident to many.

Gun accidents ​never​ happen to people who follow the rules.

No, but it happens to innocent people who happened to be in the proximity of an IDIOT with a gun.

What about their rights? What about the rights of the victims of Sandy Hook?

Personally I don't care if some moronic gun owner shoots himself. Entirely voluntary and self inflicted, just like any dangerous sport junkie. But when they kill someone else, that's an entirely different issue, and one you second amendment slaves seem to ignore every time.

Why is it that I never hear these crocodile tears when children are killed by means other than guns?

Is there something "special" about a victim of a gun, but it doesn't count if the child is beaten to death? Indeed, almost all the children killed in child abuse cases are beaten to death, or strangled, etc, etc.

The real problem here is that you cannot institutionalize mentaly ill people who are a threat to themselves and others.


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