best 50mm lens for d7000

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Re: best 50mm lens for d7000

GlennW wrote:

evan47 wrote:

what is considered the best 50mm lens for the d7000?

Because of the 1.5 FOV crop factor (52mm), the "best" may be the 35 1.8G @ $199.

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No, a common "portrait range" on 35mm camera (FX) starts normally around 85mm. Other well regarded ranges are 105 and 135mm. This is why the 50mm range, becoming 75mm is well suited for portraiture but 35mm is too wide : you'll need to get very close to the subject, not speaking about distortion. The best primes to get are the 28mm 1.8G for street shots, the 50mm 1.8G, 60mm micro 2.8 (you'll lose some stops but it is damn sharp and focuses very fast) 85mm 1.8G and 90mm tamron macro 2.8 with built in focus motor.

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