How color accurate is Canon camera LCD display?

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Re: How color accurate is Canon camera LCD display?

You know, the standards of what is calibrated are kind of changing...

Up until a few years ago, I used to calibrate everything possible to D50 standard. This was because this was the print standard that was most common for pro printers shops and press. Nowadays, this simply isn't true. There's a more popular standard now, and most print services are either adopting it, or at least meeting it half-way (5700k).

D65 is the new standard for sRGB viewing, and not only do most Apple products (which just recently switched to gamma 2.2 from 1.8 by the way) come pre-calibrated to it, but also most new pc displays from high-end manufacturers, and also (you guessed it) Canon's LCD screens from the 1DIV-on.

Take a look at a 5D3/1DX/6D, and compare it to ANY Apple product. It will be pre-tuned to the same calibration.

I challenge ANYONE to say that D65 is not the new standard that you want to be calibrated to. Similarly, I challenge anyone to show evidence that Canon's most recent bodies aren't pre-tuned to D65.

After all, we now live in an age where most images are viewed on screens; not print.

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