World's happiest and most prosperous countries.

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Re: World's happiest and most prosperous countries.

LeRentier wrote:

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carlk wrote:

The top ten list from nonpartision Legatum Institute.

1. Norway
2. Denmark
3. Sweden
4. Australia
5. New Zealand
6. Canada
7. Finland
8. The Netherlands
9. Switzerland
10. Ireland

I had a hard time to find one on the list that is NOT a "socialist", "income redistribute", "tax and spending" and "godless" country according to out right wing friends. Perhaps those are not bad things after all.

This data has been around a while, some countries have figured out the proper balances .

...I am surprised to see Ireland on it as it doesn't seem to being doing that well economically....but no one can deny that the typical Irishman is a happy fellow.

What is more interesting is to see the reactions of our forum members....very revealing yet predictable.

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Maybe it means that money does not always bring happiness ?

If everyone but a few in your society get nothing but crumbs, and you don't know what people in other countries have, yes you can be happy with crumbs. If you have been convinced that you can rely upon others to provide your needs, yes you can be happy.

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