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Re: Goodbye !

MikeyLikesNikon wrote:

I am leaving this mess, what a waste time. I have only been poking around for a couple weeks. KR is actually right about what he writes about the web forums. I cannot believe the crap that goes on here, DPReview should be ashamed. This was a test of what KR and others have said about forums & it ended as expected.

In the gear forums especially, it is only a few things happening: (1) Mine is bigger than yours (2) You don't follow my misguided logic/info, so you are dumb (3) People that cannot RTFM & post very basic questions. (4) I need gear and do not know how to make a decision, pls help me decide.

I have been also looking at the how-to forums that match my photography types (sports), there is 1% of the traffic of the gear mess. No info there either...

None of these things will ever help people take better pictures. I am going back to perfect practice makes perfect, way better use of my time.

Have fun here people, Mikey is out...

And you are right!


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