DP2M vs 5DII comparison pic

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Re: Let me guess:

The 5DmkII centre focus point is usually extremely accurate. The same cannot be said of its outer points. I think the same thing can be said of Sigma SLRs. Not sure about the DPm series.

The one thing that srikes me about all the RAW files I have downloaded from the new 15x3 sensor is how limited the dynamic range is.  The SD14 I have has a great dynamic range - better than the 5DmkII, but the new sensor has gone backwards in this regard - even when shooting at ISO 200. So now the 5DmkII has better dynamic range than the Merrils. The sony sensors in the RX1/Sony Slrs/Nikon D600-800 series are streets ahead of the competition in this regard.

I hope Sigma can correct this and get back to SD14 levels of DR.

I dont care about super high ISO shooting. I want good DR, clean low ISO files and bitingly sharp images with no color shifts/blotches. If sigma could make such a camera I would support them by buying one!

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